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Pursuit Format

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There now were two interviews touching upon the pursuit format (TTriBL and thisistruestory). It was very interesting to hear from both sides and will be interesting to see how this will develop. It's good to see a factual discussion developing and I wanted to weigh in on some of the arguments:

1.) "It was difficult to pick teams" (La Liga example) - I think that's a very fair argument. In Bundesliga GW2, I felt the same way, and this is my "home league". But I think this could also have been fixed with softer pricing. 

2.) "Can fit all of the top players" - True, but subjectively, it goes against my personal understanding of what Fantasy / Manager games are about. I played Comunio and Kicker (German manager games), Fantasy PL & DraftKings, everywhere it's about making budget decisions. Do I take an expensive defense and thus make compromises in the offense? Do I want two or three top players? (etc.) That's what manager games are about for me personally. Not entering all-star squads with all favorites. But that's subjective I guess.

3.) "It's now super easy and quick" - Think this ties to #2. It's surely right that it's quicker. At the same time though, the complexity is higher. You don't only have to weigh Salah with Mane, Aguero and Kane, now you have to compare Salah with the Deeneys, Woods and Joelintons of this world, since they will get a bonus on top. This could make it even more important to comb through teams like Paderborn if you want to make money.

4.) "More winning strategies" - I guess we have to wait and see. 

5.) "Increasing the pool of players" - Well, basically the pool is the same, in the end it's factually the same players. But I understand it might be easier to now also include "second choice" players >10m€ beyond your expensive Bayern captains. In the end it's more about a distribution between price ranges, where more expensive players might get picked more now and cheaper players picked less.

6.) "You have to be unique" - Don't really know about that, but I never ran a start-up, so can't judge. Imo a "top-of-the-class scoring" (e.g., soccer is better on Fanteam than on DraftKings), good payout structures etc. would already be sufficient to "stand out", but that's a business decision in the end. 

What I personally don't like about the format:

1.) It goes against what DFS / Fantasy Sports stand for me. But this is very subjective of course. 

2.) I think it's counter intuitive that a goal from Mateta is worth substantially more than a goal from Lewandowski. This is not the case on any other manager game / DFS game I ever encountered and I played a lot of them. This "uniqueness" seems to be what Fanteam strives for, but I think it will take time for a sizeable part of new customers to get used to and lead to some frustration along the way (basically what TTriBL said). New customers don't only have to think about scoring probabilities, but also get used to bonus points, safety net, stacking penalties etc - Whilst I think safety net and stacking penalty make a lot of sense, adding pursuit points is a lot to understand for a new customer. 

3.) If pricing (and thus bonus points) are calculated perfectly, that leads to some randomizing factor. Combined with the top-heavy payout at the moment, I fear that the middle class without substantial bankrolls to sit out month-long draughts might be thrown off at some point (also what TTriBL says). But this is something Fanteam as a platform has to judge. 


Curious to see how this will develop. And - to make my third TTriBL reference - I am sure regs will find a way to adapt. I remain sceptical (and a proponent of the old format), but curious. 



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It looks like two formats (Pursuit and Classic) will coexist for the remainder of the EPL. A decent solution, in my opinion. There will be a lot of short slates with 3-4 games that the Pursuit format is good for. And there are still  full gameweeks technically, so we can compete in those long slates if we wish to.

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