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Tom Badcott


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Hey, thanks for your question! I've moved the topic to the Beginners section, hope you don't mind. I assume you're asking about the official Bundesliga game, not FanTeam? I am not playing the official game myself, but if they have the same rules as Fantasy Premier League, then yes — you will get points for both games. 

I am sure someone will come here soon and answer your question better then me though.

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3 hours ago, Tom Badcott said:

Morning guys! 

A question for you.... Frankfurt have a game this Weds and this Saturday! Does that therefore mean if I transfer Kostic in today he will get points for both games???

Look forward to finding out.


I am looking at the Bundesliga's official fantasy page and it seems this game has been scratched from the fantasy fixture tracker. I gather it will simply not be taken into account. I figure Kostic will only receive points from the Saturday game. 

Screenshot (1).png

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