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FanTeam payout structure

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16 hours ago, KJIIOIIIKA said:

Research done by our fellow author 'mashulkin' on FanTeam's new payout structures raises a lot of heated discussions in fantasy chats. Share your opinion here, we will be sending the article to FanTeam representatives along with your comments. 


Don't like the new payout and don't understand it.

It's not good for new players. Even very good squads won't get rewarded properly (e.g., top 5%), you really have to be among the top 1%. Not many can reach this by law of numbers. Especially posting only few teams. The article was shocking on that, NO team# below 30 in the positive, sick.

It's not good for regs. As a reg entering 50 teams, you basically have to reach top 10 to make profits. I had CS competitions with almost half of my teams ITM, but -50% ROI. That's insane and leads to crazy variance. Even with a sizeable bankroll, stomaching a month-long downswing (which is very normal) is hard to take.

It's particularly not good for FANTEAM. A top-heavy payout like this leads to concentrated wealth. Take me as an example, I made ~14k last week and will cashout a sizeable part. The money will not be "recycled" like it would be with several people winning okayish amounts. Instead it leaves the system. Fanteam can't like that...

Only argument I hear for the new structure is marketing. It might be attractive to offer higher top prices but I doubt the effect is that strong. I hope they return to BPL WM payout structure, I didn't hear any criticism back then. It was worth a try to raise it to attract new players, but a more balanced payout would be beneficial for all parties involved.


And that comes from the biggest profiteer so far...:

"I did not include the winner Nevermind721 in the graph intentionally, that would make one column huge, and nothing would be visible on all the others."


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Yep. I also totally agree with nevermind721. Good points. Personally, I don't want win 7,5k-10k in one week - I wanna win like 100€ per every week. It's nicer win that 10k in year with many "little" winnings than once on the season. It requires big bankroll and really hard believe yourself that you can survive financially the whole season with this current system.

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